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Bourgeois democracy, Capitalist Propaganda, China, Fascism, Hybrid War, Imperialism, Moronic Liberals, US Crimes

On China: Dylan Rattigan Rattles Off The Mainsteam Imperialist Talking Points Of China

“The theoretical victory of Marxism compelled its enemies to disguise themselves as Marxists.” -V.I. Lenin For the lack of Marxist-Leninist Youtubers, I do enjoy Jimmy Dore. He’s a funny guy with broadly good takes on situations and one of the few leftists able to see through imperial propaganda. However, the absolute clusterfuck of liberalism that …

Capitalist looting, Imperialism, US Crimes

The Latest Attempt To Steal Venezuelas Oil: Juan Guaido Signs A $213m Contract To Kidnap The President of Venezuela

As the American Empire declines further it’s attempts to steal and loot the world become ever more brazen. Leading up to the Yugoslav, Afghanistan and Iraq wars we heard much clamouring for human rights. For Yugoslavia we heard eloquent phrases from parliamentarians on humanitarian intervention. Comparisons to Hitler were abound and frantic propagandists screamed at …