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Communsim, Moscow Trials, Soviet Union

Why I Resigned From the Trotsky defense Committee, by Mauritz A. Hallgren

Editors Note: Mauritz Hallgren was one of two people to resign from the Dewey Commission. The Dewey Commission was tasked with doing an honest investigation of the Moscow Trials which Trotsky had insisted were frame ups. Both Mauritz Hallgren and Carleton Beals resigned from the Commission describing the general atmosphere as being hushed adoration for …

Communsim, Moscow Trials, Soviet Union

Beals Resigns From The Dewey Commission Due To The Pro Trotsky Bias

(Beals, Carleton. ―The Fewer Outsiders the Better:Originally published in the Saturday Evening Post, 12 June 1937, 23, 74,) Editors Note(of The Diplomatic Post): This Post contains 2 articles. Carleton Beals full resignation letter and also a newspaper clipping from the New York Times detailing the Carleton Beals resignation in which the atmosphere of the Dewey …