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On China: Dylan Rattigan Rattles Off The Mainsteam Imperialist Talking Points Of China

“The theoretical victory of Marxism compelled its enemies to disguise themselves as Marxists.” -V.I. Lenin For the lack of Marxist-Leninist Youtubers, I do enjoy Jimmy Dore. He’s a funny guy with broadly good takes on situations and one of the few leftists able to see through imperial propaganda. However, the absolute clusterfuck of liberalism that …

Bourgeois democracy, Communsim, Eastern Europe, Russia

Communist Nostalgia As The Reality Of Bourgeois Democracy Hits Home In Eastern Europe

Stalins approval rating hit a record high amongst Russians recently showing a 70 percent approval rating of Josef Stalin published by the independent Levada Center pollster. (Stalin’s Approval Rating Among Russians Hits Record High — Pol, The Moscow Times, 16 April 2019) With this in mind it is worth examining some of the polls coming …