The Story Of Darya Apakhonchich: How CIA’s Tentatacles Wrap Around The World To Push Disinformation Against Russia And China

Recently I came across a sob story on reddit of a woman named Darya Apakhonchich accused of being a “foreign agent”. I noticed that the publication pushing this story was CodaStory. I remembered a while back that Daniel Dumbrill had exposed CodaStory and one of its writers Isobel Cockerell were exposed as being funded by the National Endowment for Democracy which is little more than another tentacle of the CIA. I googled CodaStory to confirm this and sure enough they are funded by the NED.1

“A lot of what we (National Endowment for Democracy) do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA.”

-Allen Weinstein, Co-Founder of the National Endowment For Democracy

The article on Coda Story is here – telling us this weeping sob story of a “Russian woman being labelled a foreign agent” in her own country. The story is written by “Coda Staff” – presumably because so many of their writers have been taken to task publicly opening up their dishonesty to all on display. Take CodaStory’s Isobel Cockrells dishonest and gaslighting interview with Carl Zha for instance.

The Coda Story article then goes on to whine how the BBC has reported that Radio Free Europe are now subject to “crippling fines” and how individuals (that presumably work for these organisations) can now be subjected to foreign agents.

This is the same BBC of course that are using British taxpayers money to photoshop trees grey in China.

One might ask why Russia might be subjecting people who work with regime change outfits like the NED or Radio Free Europe as to the term “foreign agents”? These people are (and this is not to put it mildly) essentially traitors to their nation.

That might sound like hyperbolic language but Russians (and even Belarussians given the regime change attempt in Belarus recently) but the Wests plan for Russia has always been that it must be broken up and balkanised as the Soviet Union was balkanised in the 1990s. With the Russian population falling into a death spiral of alcoholism, drugs, despair, prostitution and all the other social ills of a destroyed society.

The Lancet study cites other figures, with up to “10 million missing men because of system change.” As a result, adult mortality rates soared, up almost 13% in Russia, with much of the increase attributable to the mass unemployment that followed the collapse in state enterprises. The study noted, “the Russian population lost nearly 5 years of life expectancy between 1991 and 1994.” 2

None of the articles available online describe exactly why Darya Apakhonchich was put on the foreign agent list besides her “feminist activism”. But if she was working with Radio Free Europe or one of the many organisations financed by the National Endowment for Democracy – registering as a foreign agent should be required. A brief history of the regime antics that both Radio Free Europe and the National Endowment for Democracy utilise against “hostile” states should be examined. They have been used to sow chaos and destruction in countries and should be viewed not as some media outlet NGO but an arm of American psychological warfare.

Because CodaStory’s whining article is one long complaint about how American regime change NGO’s aren’t allowed the “freedom to operate” anymore.

A Short History Lesson Of Radio Free Europe

Radio Free Europe (established in 1948) and Radio Liberty (established in 1951) were some of the most successful propaganda outlets for American psychological warfare. Neither ever missed a dirty trick against the Socialist camp. In January 1952 for example RFE learned that Czechoslovakia was going to devalue its currency. RFE then warned the population which caused a nation wide buying panic. 3

Blanche Wiesen Cook did a study of RFE’s broadcasts in that period and said:

involved a wide range of personal criticism, tawdry and slanderous attacks ranging from rumors of brutality and torture, to corruption, and to madness, perversion, and vice. Everything was used that could be imagined in order to make communists, whether in England or in Poland, look silly, undignified, and insignificant.4

Radio Free Europe gave spots to such people as Jozef Swiatlo, who had earned the nickname “Butcher” due to his love of torture.5

During the fascist uprising in Hungary 1956 6 where the MI6 trained the counter-revolutionary rebels 7 Radio Free Europe were even directing the protests.

However, he (CIA chief Allen Dulles) conceded, that once the revolution was underway RFE ‘occasionally went beyond the authorised’ and there was clear evidence of attempts by RFE to provide tactical advice.8

The article then lists 5 countries (Besides Russia), Nicaragua, Belarus, Poland, Hungary and Egypt where the bemoan the “draconian foreign agent laws”.

Nicaragua the US has been attempting regime change in for goign on 50 years now, the US (particularly US, Lithuania and Poland) targeted Belarus for regime change last year, whilst Poland and Hungary seem to be drifting out of the Western orbit on a shared rejection of Western values and anti-LGBT ideology.

And the US has famously been propping up the regime in Egypt.

The richness of course is only complete with the US having it’s own foreign agent law.

After bemoaning the fact these nations are bringing in Foreign Agent laws which makes meddling in these countries more difficult, the paid propagandists at Coda Story won’t ever tell you the USA has had a Foreign Agent Registration Act since 1938.
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