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WHICH PARTIES WERE IN RUSSIA UNDER GENERAL EDITION V.   YUDOVSKY M.   Rawicz – CHERKAS’KYI Anarchists SECOND EDITION PUBLISHING HOUSE ” PROLETARY “ 1930 Table of contents Chapter1: What is anarchism? Chapter 2: The main anarchist theories. i.Stirner. ii.Joseph Proudhon. iii.Mikhail Bakunin. iv.Kropotkin. Chapter 3: Anarchism in Russia. i.”Khlebovoltsy.” ii.Beznachaltsy and Chernomnamentsy. iii.Anarcho-syndicalists. Chapter …


How physics is validating the Labor Theory of Value

Paul Cockshott When I was a student my economics professor told us that whilst the labour theory of value had been an important historical stage in the development of economics, it was now known to be fatally flawed. 20th century economists such as Sraffa and Samuelson had shown that it was unnecessary to accord labour …