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On Russia, Today’s Liberal Luminaries Take Their Cues From Fascists

Painting by Viktor G. Tsyplakov, “Facing a Firing Squad,” 1945 Editors Note: This is a post from Lorenzoae retrieved from the archive Wayback machine. Back in 2014 during the Maidan Coup the West scoffed at Russians pointing out the nazis in Ukraine. Timothy Snyder, that propagandist with footnotes, was wheeled out to repeat neo-nazi NATO …

Afghanistan, Capitalist Propaganda, Fascism, Imperialism

How The Mainstream Media Has Circled The Wagons On Australian War Crimes

On the back of the revelations that Australias troops were committing war crimes in Afghanistan the Mainstream Media has circled the wagons to display this as Chinas fault. Australian soldiers were found to have slit the throats of two 14 year olds before throwing their bodies into rivers. Also of requiring new recruits to shoot …