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The First Gladio Style Colour Revolution: The Hungarian Fascist Counter-Revolution of 1956

The bourgeois and Trotskyite press has long maintained that “actually they were true socialists that were crushed by tanks by the evil Soviet stalinists”. They outright ignore the role of the Horthy fascists (the fascists that had ruled Hungary for 25 years prior to 1945) in the uprising, the lynching of jews and communists and the arming and funding by MI6 and CIA.

Even today they are still at it.

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This is a profound rewriting of history. Hungary, prior to Soviet liberation, was a fascist nation for 25 years that was only more increasingly influenced by Germany Nazism. Allied with the Nazis the Hungarians had joined in the invasion of the Soviet Union. These fascistic elements, nazi collaborators and hold overs from fascist Hungary were the same people organising the uprising in Hungary 1956 – supported by Mi6 and the CIA.

Radio Free Europe was broadcasting that the US would not allow the “revolution” to be crushed and encouraged the protests 4

The CIA had numerous assets in place under the agencies Red Sox/Red Cap program. 5

“The CIA sent RED SOX/RED CAP groups in Budapest into action to join the Freedom Fighters and to help organise them… Radio Free Europe, and the RED SOX/RED CAP groups encouraged the rebels.” Often since denied, this was something known at the time to those in the know. For example, on November 10 1956, the FBI tapped a conversation between Pagie Morris and Jay Lovestone. Morris said “I know the whole thing… Do you remember when I said to you that it was criminal to incite a revolution and a rebellion, and not to follow it through? … Well, the Wisner crowd incited it… And the Horthy crowd has been in it… That Radio Free Europe is the crowd that’s behind it.” The Horthy crowd being the party of prewar Hungarian Fascism.6

The CIA chief in Vienna recalled that these “were very sad days” – we sat powerless on the sidelines watching the Soviets preparing to crush the revolution. 7

However, he (CIA chief Allen Dulles) conceded, that once the revolution was underway RFE ‘occasionally went beyond the authorised’ and there was clear evidence of attempts by RFE to provide tactical advice. 8

Section from the book “The Truth about Hungary” by Herbert Aptheker; a prominent figure in U.S. scholarly discourse in the 1940’s, and Marxist Historian. Written in 1957 it outlined what later would be confirmed by the bourgeois Western press

The special correspondent of the Yugoslav paper, Politika, (Nov. 13, 1956) describing the events of those days, said that the homes of Communists were marked with a white cross and those of Jews with a black cross, to serve as signs for the extermination squads. “There is no longer any room for doubt,” said the Yugoslav reporter, “it is an example of classic Hungarian fascism and of White Terror. The information,” continued this writer, “coming from the provinces tells how in certain places Communists were having their eyes put out, their ears cut off, and that they were being killed in the most terrible ways.”

“But the forces of reaction were rapidly consolidating their power and pushing forward on the top levels, while in the streets the blood of scores of massacred Communists, Jews, and progressives was flowing.”

“Some of the reports reaching Warsaw from Budapest today caused considerable concern. **These reports told of massacres of Communists and Jews by what were described as ‘Fascist elements**’ ….” (N.Y. Times, Nov. 1. 1956)

“The evidence is conclusive that the entry of Soviet troops into Budapest stopped the execution of scores, perhaps thousands of Jews, for by the end of October and early November, anti-Semtic pogroms – hallmark of unbridled fascistic terror – were making their appearance, after an absence of some ten years, within Hungary.”

“A correspondent of the Israeli newspaper Maariv (Tel Aviv) reported:

During the uprising a number of former Nazis were released from prison and other former Nazis came to Hungary from Salzburg . . . I met them at the border . . . I saw anti-Semitic posters in Budapest . . . On the walls, street lights, streetcars, you saw inscriptions reading: “Down with Jew Gero!” “Down with Jew Rakosi!” or just simply “down with the Jews!”

Leading rabbinical circles in New York received a cable early in November from corresponding circles in Vienna that “Jewish blood is being shed by the rebels in Hungary.” Very much later-in February, 1957-the World Jewish Congress reported that “anti-Semitic excesses occurred in more than twenty villages and smaller provincial towns during the October-November revolt.” This occurred, according to this very conservative body, because “fascist and anti-Semitic groups had apparently seized the opportunity, presented by the absence of a central authority, to come to the surface.” Many among the Jewish refugees from Hungary, the report continued, had fled from this anti-Semitic pogrom-like atmosphere (N.Y. Times, Feb. 15, 1957). This confirmed the earlier report made by the British Rabbi, R. Pozner, who, after touring refugee camps, declared that “the majority of Jews who left Hungary did so for fear of the Hungarians and not the Russians.” The Paris Jewish newspaper, Naye Presse, asserted that Jewish refugees in France claimed quite generally that Soviet soldiers had saved their lives.””

Backed by US and British imperialism with Gladio style weapons caches. If you are unfamiliar with Operation Gladio it was a US/British backed operation to fund and arm nationalists and fascists against a hypothetical invasion by the USSR. In reality the USSR was in a state of absolute devastation. Having lost 27 million people defeating the nazis and a country in ruins they were focused on peace and rebuilding.

Instead Gladio became an operation to commit terrorist attacks against civilians, blame them on Communists to create a “strategy of tension”.

Some of the weapons used were American, and others almost certainly British. Mr Smith says MI6 and the CIA had buried arms caches in the woods around Prague and Budapest for use by “stay-behind” parties or fifth columnists in case of war.

The mid-1950s were regarded by the British and the United States as the last chance to challenge Soviet dominion over eastern Europe. The Eisenhower administration had been elected on a platform of “liberating” the Soviet satellite states, but in the 10 years since the Allied victory in Europe, the Soviet Union hadstrengthened its hold over the central and eastern part of the continent.

The name of Mr Smith’s main contact – a military officer working for MI6 – has been withheld under a D-notice. However, he recalled “picking up agents on the Hungarian border” to take them across in to the British-occupied zone of Austria in 1954. “We were taking them up into the mountains and giving them a sort of … crash course. I would be told to pick somebody up from a street corner at a certain time of night in the pouring rain. Graz was our staging point. Then, after we’d trained them – explosives, weapons training – I used to take them back … We were training the agents for the uprising.”

In return, the British received information. Paul Gorka was one of a group of students recruited in the early 1950s to gather intelligence on Soviet activity in Hungary. “In due course we received coded messages from Vienna asking us for information about Russian troop movements … We replied with information written in invisible ink in innocuous letters to special addresses.”


Pictures from the Counter Revolution of them dragging dead jews and communists through the streets, spitting on their bodies, burning pictures of Lenin and Stalin and the USSR flag.

Also the Time Magazine cover and the CounterRevolutionary fascists stopping to have their picture taken with a American cia agent


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